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Semi-Automatic Bagging Machine

The DR line automatic bagging machine has a strong AISI 304 stainless steel single-piece structure and is available in two versions: with gross weight or net weight weighing machines and can be supplied with various dosing systems: belt, gravity or screw depending on the type of product.

The filling spout of the semi-automatic bagging machine, made up from a stainless steel cone, is interchangeable on the basis of the different formats to be made

The foot pedal at the base of the structure drives the pistons that support the empty bag and opening of the jaws to release the full bag. The control panel is fitted with management and safety systems, such as the manual double push-button controls to unload the product into the bag.

It becomes a complete system when combined with a closing line (sewing machine, heat-sealer, gluing machine).


  • Extremely strong and compact structure and easy to position.

  • They allow the operator to perform his work in complete safety, thanks to accident-prevention devices.

  • Studied to operate ergonomically, without tiring the operator.

  • Reliability and user-friendliness, suitable for any application.

  • The particular structure of the filling spout and the dust extraction system allow the dusts to be recovered during filling

  • Filling spout easy to clean and exchange depending on format change

  • Compliant with current EC regulations.



Minimum – 300 x 400 mm
Maximum – 600 x 1000 mm


Flat, gusset, no gusset, pinch-top


Aluminised paper, laminated raffia, woven raffia, paper, PE, PE coated paper, PP



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