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The necessity to adapt to the various production requirements and individual automation needs of each of our clients means that it is of course essential for us to offer a wide range of of the shelf and custom accessories.

Our accessories range improve the preliminary bagging process phase, intermediate bag closing phase and the final phase where the bag is inspected and subjected to various checks to guarantee the quality of the final result.

Bulk Automation is a company built on engineering and electrical expertise within the packaging industry, with a combined experience of over 35 years BA has the capability as a company to design and build packaging systems to suit every need, we believe that simple systems are the most robust and economical and have based our company model around this.

Check Weigher

Motorised Metal Detector

Annular Metal Detector

Thermal Marker

Inkjet Printer

Print Apply Unit

Package Turntable

Vacuum Chamber

Underlay Gripper

Pallet Gripper

Bulk Bag Hydraulic Lift

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