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Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd are major distributors of De-Icing Salt throughout the UK and also supply a selection of winter products including Winter Gritting Kits, Grit Bins and Spreaders. Bulk Automation engineers have been busy installing their BAC600-M to support existing plant and increase productivity to cope with increasing demand.

The BAC600-M is proving very popular and can be set up within just a few hours making it the ideal solution for companies with multiple sites, strict planning laws, restricted shed space or those that just require a quick installation. It comes with ABB robotic palletising that can easily be taught buy the operators for the perfect stack and stability.


The BAC600-M portable bagging plant we purchased from Bulk Automation has been a fantastic asset to us here at Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd. We aim for a minimum quantity of salt in stock at all times, however the importance of De-Icing salt supply during winter months cannot be underplayed. When bad weather hits and demand surges we are confident that we will not let any of our customers down. With the extra bagging capacity, we are able to increase our production by improving the speed and efficiency of our process significantly. The robot comes with “pro stack” which is particularly advantageous, this allows our operators to adjust stacks if needed from the HMI to improve presentation and stability.

We have increased our capacity and production rate whilst keeping our staff levels and overheads constant resulting in a reduction of our cost per unit of production.

We would highly recommend Bulk Automation to anyone wanting to improve reliability and throughput of any existing plant or to supply new purpose built equipment, we look forward to working with them in the future.

James Smith
Managing Director

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