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Weighing & Feeding

Vertical screw volumetric dosing machine suitable for dosing particularly fast flowing powdered products.

The rolling action of the dosing machine feeder screw on the product, allows excess air to be eliminated, thus allowing it to be compacted in the bag during the unload phase.

Bulk Automation is a company built on engineering and electrical expertise within the packaging industry, with a combined experience of over 35 years BA has the capability as a company to design and build packaging systems to suit every need, we believe that simple systems are the most robust and economical and have based our company model around this.


  • Loading hopper with truncated-cone shape, manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, inspection and cleaning hatch, with safety microswitch-controlled opening

  • Product level indicator for feed start/stop inside the hopper

  • Dosing screw with bayonet coupling, obtained from a solid AISI 304 stainless steel bar complete with guide pipe and lower pneumatically-controlled hatch for the final cut of dosing

  • Screw feed “start/stop” system, made up from a variable speed SCHNEIDER brushless motor, complete with drive via inverter

  • Motorised rotating arm inside the hopper, used to mix and convey the product, via relevant blades, towards the entrance of the dosing machine screw feeder

  • Upper suction vent

  • Dosing machine support frame, in painted steel or stainless steel

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