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Shrink Wrapper

The MF-V series shrink wrapper, available in versions 80 and 120, is a continuous movement packaging machine designed for packaging square bottom bags, bricks and cases arriving vertical on the infeed belt, using heat-shrinkable film.

The MF-V-80/120 shrink wrapper is essentially made up from 3 modules:

  • Row formation unit: the module is composed of a bags reception carousel followed by a sorting device to distribute the packages on 2 rows and, finally, a pneumatic pusher for transfer of the pairs formed onto the bundle pre-forming belt
  • Sealing unit of the heat-shrinkable film around the bundle: the ends of the film, unwound by two reels, are sealed via a sealing bar
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel: final module of the plant where the possibility of adjusting the speed and temperature of heat-shrinking inside the tunnel from the panel, allows a perfect bundle to be obtained.

Thanks to advanced electronics and strong frame, the MF-V 80/120 is a simple, reliable and economic solution for a wide variety of products.


  • Stainless steel structure

  • Main drives via brushless motors

  • Teflon-coated impulse sealing bar

  • Conveyor belts electronic speed adjustment

  • Motorised reel unwinder

  • Electronic adjustment of heat-shrinking temperature and speed

  • Product conveyed into the tunnel on steel mesh

  • Electric plant managed by integrated PLC

  • Armoured shaped tubular heating elements

  • Self-cooled electric and electronic components

  • Machine mounted on height-adjustable feet

  • Pneumatically driven sealing bar

  • Materials: PPE

  • EEC compliant material



Maximum – da 750 mm a 1000 mm




MOD.100: 550 x h 350 mm – MOD.120: 750 x h 450 mm



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