Specialists in Automated Bagging & Palletising Systems

Pallet Handling

Bulk Automation offer three types of automatic Warehouses/Distributors: empty pallets, underlay and P.E. sheets.

The first automatically distribute empty pallets of any size. They can contain up to 14/15 stacked pallets (Weight approx. 600 Kg). Each pallet is picked electro-pneumatically. No adjustment is required on variation of the dimensions of the pallet.

Starting from a pile of pre-formed sheets of any size, the automatic cardboard or “PE”underlay distributors, can position the underlay on the empty pallet between the layers (during palletising) or on the top of the finished pallet. Various optionals available.

Starting from a reel of “PE” film, the automatic sheet distributors can automatically dimension, cut and apply the sheet onto the surface of the empty pallet. Various optional available, like the systems used to fasten the sheet onto the pallet (automatic riveting machines, staplers) and the like.

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