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IABA 600 D
Automatic Bagging Machine

The IABA 600 D bagging machine is designed for filling and closing preformed bags in a simple and reliable way. This bagging machine, ideal for high production, is equipped with a double filling station that allows to manage 2 bags at each working cycle.

The possibility of combining the bag vibration system with the deaeration probe allows to remove excess air, obtaining extremely compact bags that are optimal for palletizing.

The step by step handling of the bags is a typical element of the IABA series and allows to treat any type of bag, gusseted or not, with maximum precision and efficiency.

Bags move from the filling area to the closure on a special conveyor belt, while at the top they are firmly guided by a pair of transferring arms that insert them into the selvedge conveyor belt.

According to specific needs, the machine can be completed with different closing systems (stitching, pinch-top, welding etc).


  • Adaptability to different formats, simply and quickly

  • Product compacting devices

  • Chain conveyor unit for firmer holding during transport to the closing station

  • Compatible with various net weight machines, gravity, belt or screw dosing

  • The parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel

  • Automatic control of the correct operating cycle

  • Security and access control integrated system

  • Touch-screen operator panel

  • Self-diagnosis system for anomalies and verification via display



Minimum – 220 x 600 mm
Maximum – 400 x 1100 mm


Flat, gusset, no gusset, pinch-top


Aluminised paper, laminated raffia, paper, PE, PE coated paper, PP



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