Specialists in Automated Bagging & Palletising Systems

Package Accumulation

The turntable (concave), has the peculiarity of accumulating the products deposited on the edge of the tray and conveying them towards the centre, thus allowing the operator to withdraw them successively without having to interrupt the production cycle.

The turn table of accumulation is generally used in the final part of the packaging lines and facilitates the discharge of the packs, facilitating the sampling operations by the operator.  The stainless tables are available with rotating table diameter from mm. 800 to 1400 mm and exist in concave or convex version (ideal for bags and products that are accumulated) and flat (ideal for bottles, cans and products that can spill).

The flat rotating tables can be equipped with systems for loading and unloading devices and thus be used as “accumulation areas” between an automatic machine and another.

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